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Our “Success” Story


Lanka Spice (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1984 with a handful of employees. From the inception the Company looked to produce spices and spices powders of high quality, procuring them from overseas and local suppliers, who had to meet the stringent norms set by the Company with regard to quality.

The “spice” journey of Lanka Spice was not an easy one, as we had to face severe competition. Over time, our brand “Mc Currie” became a household name our housewives trusted and they continue to patronize our products.

Our plant at Makumbura, which is the “birth place” of our expanded Company, deals with the procuring and packaging of spices and spice powders for distribution among leading supermarkets islandwide. Our newly acquired plant, with state-of-the-art technology in Nalanda Industrial Estate in the Matale District of Sri Lanka, exclusively deals with the ready-to-eat jar products.

Our successful journey into Sri Lanka’s spice industry, which now is over 30 years old, has rewarded us with the prestige of becoming the country’s leading spice manufacturer, renowned for its quality and reliability. Until the dawn of the late 80s’ small time traders in the hub of Pettah dealt with spices. Lanka Spice ventured out by bulk purchasing in a systematic manner of sorting, grading and packaging, which finally opened our doors to processed and value added spices, under strict quality methods. These items today occupy a special place in the country’s kitchens, due to the reliability, safety and quality of each of the products.

“Mc Currie” the brand name of our products brings out the best in spices, spice blends, curry powders, ready-to-eat jar products, baduns, chutneys, sambols and the newly introduced Masala range of Pre-Cooked Gravies, for Squid, Fish, Prawn,Mutton/Beef and Chicken.
Our quality standards are maintained at all stages of processing, as we use only the highest grade of spices. “state of the art” technology and production machinery, modern packaging and technology that maintains aroma and flavor. Our modern laboratories are manned by qualified food technologists, who conduct rigid testing methods on all our products. All these are plus points place “Mc Currie” products on the highest pedestal of the spice industry in Sri Lanka.

“Mc Currie” is HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 certified.

We develop and maintain our food safety assurance programme based on the internationally accepted principles of IOS 22000.

To put it in a simple and understandable language HACCP (known as Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a widely recognized and used product safety management method in food manufacturing, processing, treatment and service organization. The implementation of HACCP is a legal requirement for the food industry in many countries worldwide.

HACCP certification is necessary for the food manufacturing industry, as food poisoning germs such as Salmonella, Coliform, Reisteria and Camfilobacter are being detected frequently in food in Sri Lanka. This is why “Mc Currie” insists from its suppliers certification from a reputed independent surveying company from the country of import, that the products imported are free from these food poisoning germs.
We are guided by the Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI) on our food safety assurance programme with periodical audits carried out by Officers of the SLSI, Annual Registration and Re-certification after 3 years.

We have always kept our cusstomers in mind in providing maximum safety and sanitation of products guaranteed to the highest norms of food safety, so that they can consume our products without fear. Furthermore, our customers can rest assured and select their products from “Mc Currie” range as every one of our products carry the HACCP certification mark.

So sit back and enjoy our products with less anxiety as Mc Currie always adorns your dining tables and tantalizes your taste-buds with the very best products….




Although the weather was gloomy and damp, at the Mc Currie Showroom at Maya Avenue, it was not so. Customers were met with a kaleidoscope of seasonal colours that adorned our Showroom and the feeling of Christmas embraced them in welcome. The décor of our showroom was designed to give our customers a “Christmas-y” feeling.

At Mc Currie we have always envisaged to make our customers comfortable in the environment they shop. Our well stocked new look showroom this season gave our customers a delightful experience in shopping.

We invite you to visit our Maya Avenue Showroom and experience the feeling of Christmas; although passed, lingers on.




Mc Currie’ Jar Products – A Ready-to-Eat Experience


Mc Currie has been in the business of turning out delicious cuisine in jars that helps the busy housewife to conjure a meal at the snap of her fingers and the secret lies in the Mc Currie ready-to-eat jar products.

Our jar Product range is extensive, from Seeni Sambol to Precooked Gravies. Our newest addition to the ready-to-eat jar products is the Masala Pre-cooked gravies, which are a firm favourite among housewives, due to the easy method of preparation, which takes below 15 minutes.

What makes Mc Currie jar products unique is that we do not use any preservatives, but the shelf life of our products are for a year!

All our jar products are exclusively manufactured at our Nalanda Factory in the Matale District, which is equipped with state of the art technology and stringent quality standards that are monitored round the clock.

Our ready-to-eat jar products are very popular among expatriates and parents whose children study in Universities abroad. This is due to the fact that we also have vacuum packing facilities, which is a convenient method to send our products overseas.

Sandwiches could be prepared from any of our jar products, venturing into an innovative style of cuisine that only Mc Currie can think of giving its customers.

Our jar products are available at all three of our showrooms at Maya Avenue, makumbura Pannipitiya and at Nalanda (In the Matale District).

So the next time you need to send cuisine that is Sri Lankan to your relatives abroad, step into our Mc Currie Showrooms where you will have personalized service in bringing out the best of your requirements.



Packaging in General

Packaging in any form is an important part of product processing and preservation and has a direct influence on the system in respect of physical and chemical changes.

Packaging has undergone some innovative product developments to help ensure a safe and more nutritious food supply. One method of packaging that may be used for products such as ready-to-eat products and spices is vacuum packaging, where the product is placed in a plastic or aluminium foil pouch and most of the air is removed. The package around the vacuumed product allows the internal atmosphere to be retained so that the product stays fresh and safe.

The plastic used for vacuum packaging should be carefully chosen, because not all plastics are equally resistant to gas.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging refers to the technology wherein the product to be packed in placed in a pouch of suitable material and air is drawn from the pack prior to the final sealing. The removal of air eliminates oxygen which affects food in various ways, such as odour, colour, taste and texture and allows for longer storage.

One of the important properties of vacuum packing is the extent to which it is able to resist the passage of gases and vapour.

Vacuum packaged products need to be refrigerated, as some organisms are resistant to high carbon dioxide levels. Their growth is slower at lower temperatures.

Advantages of Vacuum Packaging

  • A simple solution to packaging goods requiring protection from oxygen.
  • Positive control of the moisture content of the product.
  • Inhibits the growth of aerobic spoilage bacteria.
  • Lower costs than those of rigid containers.
  • Longer shelf life for goods.
  • Larger quantities of food can be purchased and kept over a longer period of time and bulk purchases are often cheaper.
  • Vacuum packaging decreases food waste due to spoilage.
  • Not only fresh, perishable foods benefit from vacuum packaging, dried foods also keep longer when vacuum packaged.
  • Vacuum packaging allows more efficient use of time. Food can be prepared in advance without loss of freshness, so slack times are more productive and busy times are more manageable.
  • Vacuum packaging reduces product shrinkage. There is no moisture loss or evaporation in a sealed vacuum bag. Therefore, the weight you purchase will be the same.

At Mc Currie Spice 1st Showrooms, we have vacuum packed items and also vacuum packing could be done to customer requirements. We have also created a niche among our customers, as we vacuum pack cooked items that our customers bring in. Our key customers are parents whose sons and daughters are studying abroad. This is proof enough of the valuable service we render to customers by way of our quality vacuum packing process.

So, the next time you wish to take Mc Currie products or your home-cooked food abroad, visit the Mc Currie Spice 1st Showrooms where you can get it vacuum packed to suit your needs!


Legal battles for exclusivity on the phrase “Mc” by Mc Donalds, took Mc Currie by surprise !


Fighting legal battles for trade mark exclusivity is not a new phenomenon in the market today.

To “Mc Currie” it certainly was not, until quite surprisingly in the year 2010, Mc Donalds, had filed a complaint with the National Intellectual Property Office Sri Lanka, contesting the brand prefix “Mc” and claiming exclusivity to its use.

“Mc Donald” is the trade name of Mc Donalds, but though we used the trade mark “Mc Currie” for several years, Mc Donalds surprisingly objected when we applied for registration of “Mc Curry” as a trade mark.

The trade mark “Mc Currie” has been in use in Sri Lanka since 1983 and is a household name associated with spices, spice blends and ready-to-eat jar products and certainly not selling “Burgers and French Fries”, a fact that Mc Donalds may have failed to see prior to filing legal action against us. Mc Donalds entered the market in Sri Lanka but we did not protest as Mc Donalds was no threat to us then and definitely not, now or even in the future.

Any Sri Lankan is certainly capable enough to distinguish between spices, spice blends and ready-to-eat jar products, from Burgers, French Fries of Mc Donalds. Sri Lankans would not be mad enough to walk into a Mc Donalds outlet and ask for Roasted Curry Powder or Ambulthiyal Paste or Pineapple Chutney!

Quite naturally the Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka rejected the application of Mc Donalds, stating that “Mc Curry” trade mark did not offend any of the provisions of the Intellectual Property Act.

It is of interest to note that the protection of the prefix “Mc” by Mc Donalds has not been leveled in only Sri Lanka. They have been embroiled in legal battles for exclusivity of their prefix “Mc” in countries such as the Untied Kingdom (Cayman Islands), Malaysia, Denmark, Australia.

It is interesting to note that a case was filed by Mc Donalds in 2005 where they tried to stop a Queensland Lawyer, Malcom McBratney from using his name “McBrat” on the shorts of the Brisbane Irish Football team. Their claim was that “McBrat” should not be used as it was similar to their “McKids” trade mark as the “brat” is another term for “kid”. McBratney, a solicitor specialising in trademarks and intellectual property, argued that his family name had been used in Ireland since the 1600s, and that he had a right to use an abbreviation of that name. In 2006, the of the Register of Trade Marks held that McBratney could register ‘McBrat’ as a trademark and that McDonald’s had no intellectual property rights over ‘Mc’ and ‘Mac’ prefixed words.

The above is only a part of their “obsession” on the word “Mc”. We will bring to you more interesting articles on this in the future. So stay “tuned” to our Blog !!

Food Policy of “Mc Currie”


A food policy is drawn up to inform the public on how food is prepared, processed and distributed. When drawing up a food policy, a variety of standards are considered. However, in a nutshell, a food policy is on ensuring a safe and adequate food supply to the public, which is unadulterated and free of addictives and preservatives, which ensure that a hygienic product is supplied to the public.

Today, the busy housewife has so much on her shoulders to bear, that ready-to-eat products are fast approaching the checkered flag, passing the fast food industry. How many could vouch for a clean and unadulterated fast food industry? I guess, no one would even attempt.

We give you today, Mc Currie’s Food Policy,

  • To offer our customers safe and nutritious food products honestly presented.
  • To establish an effective food control philosophy and inspection system within our Company that involves, monitoring, surveillance, verification, certificate/approval to minimize hygienic risks and ensure food safety.
  • To adhere to a zero tolerance policy towards food products, which are injurious to health, unfit for human consumption , adulterated or presented in a deceptive manner.
  • To address customer complaints in all earnestness and to have such complaints inquired into thoroughly and promptly and to offer redress to the satisfaction of the customer.

Sri Lanka’s food is unique, distinct, exciting and able to evoke the full range of emotions through the culinary symphony that it is; a melding of different notes, aromas and flavours that together create a taste unlike any other. To us Sri Lankans however, it remains a way of life. Understandable, given its evolution in the cradle of the ancient spice trade.

At Mc Currie we share a passion for aroma, flavor and the authenticity of each and every Mc Currie spice and paste, used by hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan households each. Joining these spices and pastes, is the new product of Mc Currie, the Masala range, which consists of ready to each curries, that only need the required quantity of Prawns, Squid, Fish, Mutton, Beef or Chicken and you have a curry in minutes.

Our pledge, since we began our spice trade, has been to chronicle and maintain Sri Lankan’s long heritage of producing spices which are world renowned.

For the cleanest, purest, unadulterated spices, spice blends and ready-to-eat ethnic products, free of additives, colourings or preservatives, look no further than the Mc Currie range of products from Sri Lankan’s culinary specialists.

“Purveyors of Fine Sri Lankan Spices”

“MC CURRIE” Brings out the Curry in a Hurry That Is MASALA


masala range

Lanka Spice (Pvt) Ltd (LSL), brand owners of the famous culinary delight “Mc Currie” keeping in mind the busy housewife, launched its Masala range at the Pro-Food Exhibition last Friday. Masala is a spice mix and that’s exactly what Mc Currie has done to turn out a mouth-watering, taste bud tantalizing product. The Masala range consists of curries for chicken, Fish, Prawn, Mutton/Beef and Squid (Cuttlefish). They are packed in jars and come only as pre-cooked gravy with no meat or fish in it. With the ever soaring demands of the food industry, both locally and globally, LSL in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR) have produced this superior product. The SISIR team worked tirelessly over 6 months, testing and trying out the curries, to finally emerge with a unique concept of serving curries to be cooked at home in a matter of minutes.

The response from visitors to the Pro-Food Exhibition was encouraging and in conclusion it was a resounding success. Each time a demonstration was conducted the visitors would flock to get a glimpse of the preparation being made and taste its flavor. The chicken and fish gravies were the most popular.

As the processed food industry moves forwar Add Mediad and customer demands increase, Mc Currie has been compelled to enhance its product range with new products.
Mc Currie’s journey to turn out the Masala range was not an easy one, as a vast amount of work and patience went into bringing out the best for its customers. The formulated product was then sterilized, canned and sealed and kept for a period of about 1 year for testing for keeping qualities. Deterioration of quality was not noticed.

The Masala’s are unique instant curry concentrates that can be reconstituted in your kitchen. All you need is the rich spicy gravy in the bottle and the recommended quantity of chicken, fish, prawns, mutton/beef or squid (cuttlefish) and you are ready to serve an authentic sumptuous curry at home. It’s easy and less time consuming and fits the bill of a tired housewife, who usually rush home to prepare a meal for her family.

The curry mix is unique as you don’t need to add accompanying ingredients, as all ingredients such as tomatoes, vegetable oil, onions, ginger, garlic, mixed spices, chilli powder, lemongrass, salt and pandan leaves are within the gravy. The taste of these curries is delicious and mouth-watering.

The ready-to-eat food market is growing in leaps and bounds and people look for suitable foods as lifestyles change. In this background, the demand for authentic ready-to-eat-food sold in jars is increasing, which is why Mc Currie has gone on to add the Masala gravies to their domain. Soon, Mc Currie will market these products island-wide through supermarkets, but presently available at Mc Currie Showrooms at Maya Avenue, Colombo 6 and at Makumbura, Pannipitiya.

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