Karavila (Bitter Gourd) Curry: A diabetic’s delight

Bittergourd CurryBitter Gourd has been, over the years, the best remedy for Diabetes. It is believed that one tablespoon of Bitter Gourd juice everyday assists in lowering the risk of Diabetes. It helps reduce the sugar levels in the blood and urine. Bitter Gourd dried leaves powder taken three times a day with lukewarm water or milk over a long period helps in controlling diabetes.

Turmeric is also beneficial. Mix and grind seeds of Fenugreek (100 gm), turmeric (50 gm) and White Pepper (50 gm). Take one teaspoon of this powder with a glass of milk daily. 

Rice for lunch with at least 4-5 vegetable dishes including a mallung or gotukola sambol is the ideal diet recommended for diabetics.

Bitter Gourd Curry (Karavila)


500 gm Bitter Gourd, 4 Red Onions, 1 tablespoon Mc Currie Curry Leaves, ½ teaspoon Mc Currie Cumin Powder, ½ teaspoon Mc Currie Fenugreek, Mc Currie Salt, 1 small tomato, 2-3 green chillies, ½ teaspoon Mc Currie sweet cumin powder, ½ stick Mc Currie Cinnamon, 1 cup 2nd and 3rd extract of coconut milk, 1 cup 1st extract of coconut milk, ½ teaspoon Mc Currie Goraka paste.


Wash and cut the bitter gourd into ¼ inch slices and mix with the goraka paste. In a pan of water add the salt and boil the bitter gourd with the goraka to remove the bitter flavor and cook till soft.

Chop the onions, green chillies and tomato fine. Mix all the ingredients and the bitter gourd with the 2nd and 3rd extracts of coconut milk and let it cook on a gentle fire. Add the 1st extract of coconut milk and simmer.

A little maldive fish could be added to give more flavor to the curry.

Stay tuned to the blog for more Sri Lankan recipes and visit the Mc Currie website for all your spice needs!


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