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How to Select, Store and Prepare Beetroots


At times selecting root vegetables can be a task, especially beetroots, as its skin is a dark maroon and hides any blemishes easily.  The rich maroon flesh of this root vegetable is naturally sweet and nutritious. As an added bonus, the leaves are also edible and can be prepared as in spinach.


Beetroots should be small and firm to the touch and sans an unblemished skin. The leaves should be bright green. Large beetroots have a woody centre, tough to boil and therefore should be avoided. Small beetroots are sweeter, tender and easy to boil. Do not buy beetroots that don’t have their leaves on, as it is an indication that the beetroot is old.


As soon as you get home, trim the leaves two inches from the root of the beetroot. Do not trim the tail.  Store the leaves in a separate plastic bag and use within two days. Cooked or canned beetroots may be refrigerated up to one week.


  • Gently wash beetroots. You need the skin to remain intact for cooking.
  • Choose beets of uniform size to promote even cooking.
  • To retain nutrients and colour, boil, bake or steam without peeling first. The skin will easily rub off under cold running water after they are cooked.
  • If you  must peel before cooking, a swivel vegetable peeler works better than a paring knife.
  • For best flavor, bake beets instead of boiling or steaming. Wrap them in foil to avoid staining.
  • To remove beet juice from fingers, rub with wet salt and lemon juice and then wash with soap and water. For cutting boards and plastic containers, use a bleach solution.
  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar added to beet cooking water will not only reduce the odour of the cooking beets, but also help them retain their bright colour.
  • Beets are naturally high in sodium, so no salt is necessary in the cooking water.

Recipe for Beetroot Salad


250 g Beetroots,

2 Large Onions (sliced)

4 Green Chillies (cut finely)

1 tsp Mc Currie Crushed Pepper

1 tbspn finely cut Mc Currie Curry Leaves

Mc Currie Salt to Taste


Boil the Beetroot and cut lengthwise. Sliced the onions finely along with the green chillies and mix in the pepper, curry leaves and salt. Add this mixture to the finely cut beetroot and mix well. Refrigerate until necessary for consumption.


Salmon fingers & Lamb cutlets: A special Kumar Pereira recipe

Kumar Pereira, of MasterChef Australia fame, was in Sri Lanka in January 2013 for a culinary tour. Mc Currie was the Official Spice Sponsor for the tour and we will be posting the recipes for some of the dishes that were presented during this tour.

Salmon fingersCrispy skinned seared salmon finger with a spiced tamarind sauce


Salmon fillet [pin boned] skin removed and cut to a finger about 9cm x 3 cm
Mc Currie Tamarind, coconut milk, finely chopped onion, Mc Currie red chilli, Mc Currie curry leaves
1 teaspoon Mc Currie roasted curry powder


Sauce: Fry chopped onion in a little oil. Add the chilli, curry powder, coconut milk and salt to taste, add tamarind paste and cook  for a few minutes – sauce should be fairly thick

Sear/crisp up the skin in a lightly oiled pan until crisp – reserve
Sear the salmon and cook briefly -salmon should be still pink and barely cooked in the centre

Pace a spoonful of sauce on a bowl or plate – place cooked salmon finger on top and top with crisped skin – garnish with fried crisp curry leaves and a thin slice of lime or lemon

Lamb cutlet with pumpkin pureeSpice crusted baby lamb cutlets with a sweet potato or pumpkin puree

2 baby lamb cutlet per person – frenched

Spice crust: Mc Currie cumin, Mc Currie fennel, Mc Currie coriander, ground and lightly roasted. Rub the cutlets with oil and press spice powder on them, dust with salt and sear on a hot pan for a couple of minute on each side – centre should be mid rare.

Steam pumpkin or sweet potato and puree. Add a little coconut cream to moisten and add some ground roasted Mc Currie mustard seed and salt to taste.

Smear some of the puree on a plate, top with the lamb chops and garnish with baby herbs and finely sliced radishes that have been soaked in vinegar/and sugar and drained [lightly pickled]

Visit Kumar’s website for more such wonderful recipes and the Mc Currie website for all your spice needs.


Mc Currie has ventured out to put out a product that the health conscious would be delighted about. Mc Currie has ventured out to put out a product that the health conscious would be delighted about. The Cinnamon and Bee’s honey Mixture is now available at Mc Currie Showrooms at Maya Avenue, Makumbura and Nalanda.

We would like to let you know more about how Cinnamon and Bee’s Honey helps eradicate many health problems. It is indeed amazing at what this mixture can do.

Of course people with diabetes should consult a doctor about the required levels of intake of this mixture.

Cinnamon carries many useful properties that assist in the lowering of cholesterol, treating of colds, diseases of the stomach such as indigestion, and most importantly it is a fat burning spice.

Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

Weight Loss

Each morning half an hour before breakfast drink a mixture of honey and cinnamon on an empty stomach, brewed in a cup of boiling water. This should be repeated at night as well. If this mixture is taken regularly, it reduces weight and does not permit fat to build up.

Heart Disease

Cinnamon and Bee’s Honey Mixture spread on brown bread each morning for breakfast lowers the level of cholesterol in the arteries. Regular use of this mixture improves and strengthens the heart muscle.


In the morning and evening, cup of warm water with two spoons of Cinnamon and Bee’s Honey helps reduce the pain caused by Arthritis and gives relief to patients.


Two tablespoons of Cinnamon and Bee’s Honey Mixture diluted in two cups of warm water, reduces the level of cholesterol. This should be taken three times a day to regularize cholesterol levels.

Inflammation of the Bladder

Two tablespoons of Cinnamon and Bee’s Honey Mixture mixed in a glass of lukewarm water helps kill germs in the bladder.

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