Spices that aid digestion

Many spices we use in our regular cooking are valuable for digestion and play an important role within our bodies to help this process, thus preventing certain diseases, distributing nutrients and may be at times acting as an “Invisible doctor” within, curing illnesses even without our knowledge.

A healthy process of digestion is important to our systems. For the beauty conscious a proper digestive process can do wonders to the skin and even make a person look younger! A poor digestive process can cause innumerable problems such as gas/flatulence, constipation and exhaustion or weariness.


Cardamoms are pods and seeds and can be used in whole form or powdered form. They are used in the preparation of Rice and Curries and a variety of desserts. Cardamoms promote the chemical processes that occur during digestion.


Coriander can be used in the seed or powdered form in the preparation of mixed spice powders for curries and vegetables. The reason that coriander is considered a spice that helps digestion is that it is rich in dietary fibre. Much of this fibre is metabolically inert insoluble fibre, which helps increase bulk of the food by attracting water throughout the digestive system and help easing constipation condition. It is also believed that Coriander eliminates mouth ulcers, anemia and menstrual disorders.



Dill seeds can be used in curries, vegetables, soups, shellfish, salads and pickles. Regular intake of Dill Seeds in foods helps reduce the chances of formation of stomach gases, soothes heartburn and cures colic.  The oil of the dill seed is believed to cure patients with high blood pressure and diabetes.  The dill seed is also a good antiseptic.



Fennel seeds used in food help a great deal in digestion. It also has other medicinal values and helps in slimming and weight loss, stomach cramps, heartburn, helps with morning sickness and flushing the kidneys. It also gives a certain amount of relief and is helpful after chemotherapy and radiation. Fennel is also a good source of niacin, calcium, vitamin C, folate, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and copper.



Ginger is an essential ingredient in Sri Lankan cuisine.  Ginger has been used for many years in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine to ease digestive complaints and nausea. A slice of ginger in tea gives an extra special taste.  Volatile oils in ginger increase motility in the gastro-intestinal tract. Ginger also stimulates the production of saliva, smoothing the digestive process.

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